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As reported by customers using our Bio Cleanse-Herbal Detox Kit and performing the full strength 9 day program.

Wian from the Better Way

Zack and Elizabeth

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Veronique Gineste

Thanks a lot the cleanse actually works. I even took photos for my record (shown below) and been showing to friends and they want to do it too, so I gave your website and tell them to watch on YouTube too. I will do it again in 2 months times that's my goal. I will continue to eat raw food and juicing, smoothies etc.

Your fan Veronique 

Click here for pictures of mucoid plaque Veronique removed while the using the Bio Cleanse Detox

Click here for more information on mucoid plaque.

Janny To

I have been an eczema patient for my whole life, almost 40 years now.  Because of my allergies I was careful when someone introduced this product to me. I am allergic to all kind of herbs and grasses and so I was afraid of an eczema breakout and that it would become worse. But on the other hand, even though I tried taking care of my food choices, the eczema did not get cured and remained the same even after several months, and adding extra vitamins and supplements did not help either.

So I thought: if the food is the problem, then I maybe have to stop eating and detox my whole body and start from scratch again. It surprised me that my skin reacted very well to this detox and has softened the severely affected parts.

I feel great, I am not tired, I am not grumpy, I have a lot of energy and it really works. You can see result after a few days already and that helps to continue the detox.

Thank you for this great product!

Ken S.

I’m writing this testimonial in hopes that others may benefit from the Bio Cleanse “Herbal Detox Kit” program as much as I have.

After doing much research and asking many questions, I chose to purchase one “Herbal Detox Kit” along with four additional “Toxin Remover” containers as I believed that I had far more toxins in me than one cleanse could eliminate. I was correct! I chose to do 3 back to back cleanses and another one recently to eliminate as many toxins as possible. It was one thing to read and view other people’s toxic purges, and another to see it for (and from) myself!

What I eliminated was visually vile and malodorous. But it was also a great relief to expel that from my body. I found the Toxin Remover products surprisingly pleasant to ingest, especially when combined with apple juice. It also helped to assuage my hunger, but I still did find myself hungry at times and did miss eating food! (the only drawback). I was pleasantly surprised to experience virtually no fasting “withdrawal” symptoms as the juice and Bio Cleanse products helped to mitigate typical cleansing reactions from fasting. However, I was equally surprised that during the program itself, I felt no improvement until the conclusion of the program as I think my body’s energy was focused on cleansing.

However, once the cleanse was completed, I felt like a million dollars! The most noticeable change was how clear my mind was and how much sharper I could think. Have you ever struggled to remember someone’s name or a word that is “at the tip of your tongue”? With my cleaner gut came a cleaner mind and, with that, I could suddenly remember words, people’s names, and many other things that previously I would have forgotten. Even when I communicate, such as writing this testimonial, I utilize a vocabulary that is beyond what would normally come to a previously “foggier” brain.

Physically, I was and remain in good health, but have seen a material drop in the amount of adipose tissue (i.e. fat) around my abdomen, which my wife has called “sexy’! She has also commented on my clear complexion (a cleaner inside reflects in a clearer outside). I have also noticed more energy and arise easier in the morning, a result I believe from my body no longer storing and needing to expend energy constantly fighting the many toxins I was carrying.

As a result of these positive changes, I’ve chosen to eat a more plant-based diet as I believe an over-consumption of meat has contributed to the auto-intoxication that created this problem. Thanks to the entire Bio Cleanse team for supporting me in helping to make a dramatic change in the quality of my life with such cost-effective products.

I highly recommend anyone reading my testimonial to try the program and, if so, to purchase several toxin removers in one order because it may take several cleanses to make a significant difference in removing decades of waste accumulated from years of poor eating habits, and to notice a substantial improvement as a result.

Thank you

Paul Fields

...I have tried many cleanse but the Bio Cleanse is the only one that has started to remove this old black/hard stuff. Thanks! After I saw the black stool in the toilet on the third day, I purchased 3 more kits so I have a good supply of everything.

Chloé Hodgkinson

I just wanted to give you some feedback. I recently completed the FULL cleanse and WOW! I LOVE my food and truly never thought id be able to do something like this. I have tried so many diets/cleanses in the past but none come even close to this one in terms of results.

I couldnt be happier, I feel better, look better, and a bonus - I ve lost nearly a stone.

I am so pleased with the cleanse that I have now recommended it to around 8 friends and all of which said they will be doing it. I just wanted to say thanks and Ill also be ordering my next one soon, ready for December!

Roula Seif


Hello all,
I thought I will share my experience with an AMAZING product called The Bio-Cleanse
I was surfing the internet looking for a good product for a proper cleanse, well I came across hundreds of them, for some reason they did not appeal to me. Then I came across Bio-Cleanse and for some reason I did not hesitate for a second to order it.
It arrived in a week, I live in London so I decided to start my cleansing on a Monday. I followed the instructions but I had few questions which I posted on the website and response was very professional and to the point and within minutes, it was my first time doing it so I did have few.

During the cleanse I felt good, energetic and happy. Well bathroom wise I was astonished to see what I saw, relieved to see them go!!!

I did not have any side effects whatsoever and I am the kind of person with too many abdominal problems but I felt great, I thought maybe side effects will come after the cleanse but it did not.

Excellent value for money, extremely effective and 100% organic. What do I want more.

Add to that I lost about 4 kilos (8.8lbs) in a course of just over a week. I wasn't looking for losing, weight neither did it cross my mind when buying it, I just wanted a proper cleanse but that was a plus.

I will not hesitate a second to buy the product again and some friends and family on the list as well.

I would to like to say again and again thank you for this amazing product and wonderful support that I received.

Ana Trojnar (Professional Ballerina and Instructor, Slovenia


After I did the colon cleanse for the first time and I felt so well, as if I'd reached the top of the Triglav in the most wonderful day - the feeling of the body and spirit was extraordinarily fulfilling and positive.

I could not possibly have imagined it before!

The second time I did the cleanse I decided to prolong it with juices for 7 more days afterwards and then again I felt very light overall. Though changes were this time more subtle, they were obvious, as I just did not want to start eat solid food again. I wish I (my body) could stay that clean forever.

Justin Harrison, Counsellor, Sydney Australia

How did I go on the cleanse? Great, I wanted to do the full cleanse and was planning to do it whilst I was on holiday as I was a little concerned about how I would feel at work. I was feeling sluggish and run down as my work can be very stressful at times. My holidays were a bit far off so I decided to give it a go anyway whilst I was still at work. I love my food but during the cleanse I wasn't hungry at all. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The cleanse didn't impact my work and I was going so well I extended it a few days. I feel great after the cleanse, shedding a few kilos in the process and have maintained a healthy diet since.. my mood and energy levels have improved also!! Thanks to all at The Bio Cleanse..

Eric G.

I believe that the cleanse went really well.  I didn't have any ill effects and it did put me in a better mindset for eating healthier since.  I lost about 10 lb, and now lost 2 more.  I've gotten to really like kale!

Thanks for your help and your product!

Best of luck with it!

James Oakley (Sound Engineer, United Kingdom)

Well I've done a few other cleanses before, but with the Bio Colon Cleanse it really struck me that the depth of the cleanse that it actually went to. I had friends that I saw, one friend in particular, that I saw afterwards told me that I looked 10 years younger, and that I looked like my younger brother that he had never met before. And I couldn't really tell as I was going through it, but then I looked at a picture of myself before and then a picture of myself after and the difference was just incredible. I'd lost weight off my face, under my chin, my stomach had all slimmed down, I literally did lose about 10 years within about a week.

It was a really gentle cleanse, you know you take the shakes everyday and you hardly notice your doing it. It fills you up so you don't even get hungry, and generally I didn't get too many detox symptoms, but the overall effect afterwards, I just felt so revitalized. I had so much more energy, I just felt so much lighter and just much more vibrant, and much happier, and I can highly recommend it.

Antal Kaldenecker (Professional Creative Copywriter, Hungary)

M: So Antal tell us what you thought of the Bio Cleanse

Antal: I really cleaned out a lot of stuff. There was some weird things in my feces and it was funny because I realized they lived inside me.

M: So you removed a lot of ...

A: I don't know what they were, but it wasn't the feces and it wasn't the herbs. I guess this was something that was in my intestines, I think it was pieces of meat, old meat, because they looked like pieces of meat, they came out.

M: And how did the cleanse change you.

A: For me the cleanse wasn't only a physical thing, it was a spiritual journey, it grounded me, slowed me down, it brought me back inside myself and I felt more peaceful and also more energy at the same time, while on the cleanse and also after.

M: What benefits did you get from it.

A: My bowel movements became stable and consistent. I lost weight.

M: How much weight did you lose.

A: I was a little overweight, so I lost almost 8 kilograms. I also became a vegetarian after the first cleanse. I still have a good digestive system, even 2 years later. Before I had some problems with hemorrhoids, but the cleanse fixed it and it is still gone. Before the cleanse my feces was as hard as rock, and going to the toilet was painful, but now it is fixed. For me this is a good way to balance my weight, if I do it every 6 months, it's good for my physical and spiritual bodies, it helps me.

Marcos Ortega (Civil Engineer, Monaco)

I was very toxic and sick... and I had tried many ways to heal myself with little effect. Then by chance I had a friend who presented me with this protocol. I did it without thinking much, and after a few days already in the middle of the process, I started to feel so much better.

I felt a huge burden was lifted from my system, and I felt much more vitality, clarity of mind, and an overall much more health.

At the end of the process I felt like I haven't felt for more than 10 years!


* All testimonials above are real and from Bio Cleanse customers. They are all documented and available for legal inspection. Emails, letters and pictures are used with permission.